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2017 AAUW National Convention Resources and Materials

At AAUW National Convention, we take your learning seriously. Through more than 25 workshops plus pre-con activities, Programs That Work roundtables, and Daily Dialogues, attendees get to customize their convention experience and grow as leaders. Read more »

Blog   |   July 12, 2017

What to Know When You Arrive at Convention

AAUW’s 2017 National Convention in Washington, D.C., is just a few days away, and we’re so excited that you’ll be joining us. As you prepare for the trip, here are some helpful things to know. Read more »

Blog   |   June 12, 2017

Reflecting on the First AAUW Lobby Day

In just a few weeks, the 49th AAUW National Convention will take place in Washington, D.C., making it the thirteenth time the nation’s capital has hosted convention. The last stop on our convention history tour takes us back in time to 1989 and the 35th AAUW National Convention, where the theme that year was “Choices, Changes, and Connections.” Read more »

Blog   |   May 26, 2017

Meet the Woman behind Some Big GOP Names

As American Viewpoint’s founder, Linda DiVall has provided effective strategies to both political and corporate clients for more than 30 years. DiVall was the first Republican woman to launch a political survey research and strategy firm. Read more »

Blog   |   May 02, 2017

Convention History in DC: Revisiting the Harmonious 1973 National Convention

June is quickly approaching, which means the 49th National Convention — set to take place in Washington, D.C., — is right around the corner. Read more »

Blog   |   April 20, 2017

AAUW Convention: Setting the Tone for Tolerance, Respect, and Discourse

In June the 49th AAUW National Convention will be held once again in Washington, D.C. But let’s go back in time to 1961, when the 21st AAUW convention in D.C. […] Read more »

Blog   |   March 23, 2017
Coretta Scott King 1969 Convention

AAUW’s Most Memorable Convention Speakers

Enjoy learning about some of our most memorable speakers from our past gatherings. Read more »

Blog   |   March 13, 2017
Eleanor Roosevelt's Statue at FDR memorial

Touring D.C.

Get helpful information for navigating our nation’s capital during your time at convention. Read more »

Blog   |   March 10, 2017
Celinda Lake Headshot-Landscape

A Woman’s Place Is in the House and Senate and beyond, Thanks to Her

Celinda Lake is the woman behind so many influential women in politics, crunching the numbers and figuring out how to get women candidates and women’s issues into the halls of power. And you can meet her at the 2017 AAUW National Convention. Read more »

Blog   |   February 10, 2017
U.S. Capitol

Make Your Voice Heard on Capitol Hill with AAUW!

For more than 40 years, AAUW Action Fund Capitol Hill Lobby Corps volunteers have conducted tens of thousands of visits to congressional offices on behalf of AAUW members and supporters — and now you have the opportunity to join in during AAUW’s 2017 National Convention! Read more »

Blog   |   January 09, 2017