Daily Dialogues

Daily Dialogues

Daily Dialogues are conversation-driven sessions that bring convention attendees together to discuss issues, concerns, and opportunities related to AAUW’s mission and activities. These sessions will focus on sharing experiences and finding solutions to problems in a conversational setting. Staff from AAUW’s national office will be on hand to facilitate constructive exchanges and make sure everyone has a chance to give input.

Explore the 2017 Daily Dialogue topics below.

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Branch Program Success Stories
Facilitators: Mardy Stevens and Pat Ross, Cochairs, Branch Program Resource Committee; and Cordy Galligan, AAUW Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Renaissance West B

Innovation and implementation are the hallmarks of successful branch program vice presidents. Share what’s worked for you and learn what’s worked for others in the past in this interactive group chat. Attendees at our last convention left with pages of program ideas that any size branch could implement. What will you take away this year?

Choose Your Words: The Power of Language to Include Members and Grow AAUW
AAUW Leadership Programs and Campus Initiatives Staff
Meeting Room 10/11

The language we use to describe AAUW’s work is important, and the right words can be a powerful recruitment tool. This Daily Dialogue will give leaders insight into choosing words that are more consistent with the growth of a highly talented, diverse, active group of women who are positioned to make our organization stronger together.

Is “Younger” Relative? A Conversation about Redefining Recruitment
Christy Jones, AAUW Vice President of Membership and Direct Marketing, and Claudia Richards, AAUW Branch Relations Senior Manager
Meeting Rooms 12/13/14

Join Membership Committee members for a conversation about recruiting members under age 60. Share successful techniques and discuss challenges around recruiting younger members, and lend your voice to the important topic of maintaining an intergenerational membership.

Mooneen Lecce Giving Circle Meetup
Sharon Schuster, Mooneen Lecce Giving Circle Cofounder
Meeting Room 15

The Mooneen Lecce Giving Circle will meet to celebrate progress toward its goals and to discuss possible future projects. All are welcome to come to find out more about the giving circle’s work and how to get involved.

Using Research in Your Advocacy and Programs
Kevin Miller, AAUW Senior Researcher
Meeting Room 16

Research is one of the pillars of AAUW’s mission. Our work influences the national discussion on topics like the gender pay gap, sexual harassment in schools, and the underrepresentation of women in STEM. AAUW research also serves as a catalyst for action to engage individuals, new and traditional media, and policy makers. At this Daily Dialogue come discuss how to use research in your advocacy and programs to engage current and recruit new members.

SESSION 2: FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 3:45–4:45 P.M.

An Activist’s Work Is Never Done
AAUW Leadership Programs and Campus Initiatives Staff
Renaissance West B

Recently, though not for the first time in history, cultural and political changes have rocked our country’s sensibilities. Come hear about how we can become a more united AAUW community, and share some ideas of your own. Together we’ll recognize the strength in our diversity.

Advocating in Person with Your Elected Official
Elizabeth Holden, AAUW Grassroots Advocacy Manager
Meeting Room 15

On a regular basis, AAUW activists across the country make in-person visits to their elected officials to influence lawmakers and the legislation they set. Learn about AAUW’s state Lobby Corps programs and find out how to participate in AAUW Lobby Days with state and federal officials.

Being Nonpartisan in a Red, Blue, and Purple World
AAUW Policy Staff
Renaissance East

Chances are your branch membership appears mostly red, blue, or purple through a political lens. AAUW’s work has always been political and never partisan — but what does that mean? We’ll talk about ways to focus on the issues and share activities that have successfully engaged members with all types of political leanings, all while ensuring that membership activities remain relevant, political, and nonpartisan.

Ending Sexual Harassment and Assault in Schools
Anne Hedgepeth, AAUW Senior Government Relations Manager
Meeting Rooms 8/9

In June 2017, we’ll celebrate the 45th anniversary of Title IX. What tools and resources does AAUW bring to the table to continue the fight for equity in education? Learn how states, branches, and activists can engage in their communities to effect change.

Equal Rights Amendment: The Road to Ratification
Pamela Yuen, AAUW Government Relations Coordinator
Meeting Rooms 10/11

Nevada recently became the 36th state to ratify the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment. Join us to discuss next steps on the road toward national ratification of the ERA and ensuring constitutional equality for all women.

Looking Ahead for AAUW
Pam Collins, 2017 Convention Host Committee Chair
Meeting Room 5

People are looking to AAUW now more than ever. Following last year’s election, we have seen an increase in our numbers of members and supporters and a reinvigorated commitment to fight for women and girls. Join us for this Daily Dialogue to discuss how we can seize this opportunity; we’ll look for ways to strengthen the organization and consider new possibilities and challenges.

Making Women a Priority in the New Administration
Amy Becker, AAUW Political Media Manager
Renaissance West A

AAUW’s commitment to gender equality doesn’t waiver no matter who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. We’ll talk about different ways for members to engage the new administration on issues affecting women and girls while reminding our country’s leaders that women’s rights are human rights.

Revolutionizing Retention: How Do You Keep Them Coming Back?
Christy Jones, AAUW Vice President of Membership and Direct Marketing, and Claudia Richards, AAUW Branch Relations Senior Manager
Meeting Rooms 12/13/14

Join Membership Committee members for a frank conversation about membership retention. Does your branch lose new members after the first year, or are longtime members disappearing? Or, possibly, both? Let’s examine why this is happening and propose potential strategies to turn the tide and keep members coming back.

Speaking Out on Reproductive Rights
Anne Hedgepeth, AAUW Senior Government Relations Manager
Meeting Room 3

AAUW has a long history of supporting reproductive freedom. Unfortunately, state and federal lawmakers continue to chip away at women’s rights. This dialogue will help illuminate activities that branches and states can engage in to fight for reproductive health care.


What’s Going On in My Statehouse?
Kate Nielson, AAUW State Policy Analyst
Meeting Room 4

Which state policies are trending across the country? What bills passed in my state this year? We’ll discuss new policy developments at the state level and forecast what’s to come.