2017 AAUW National Convention Resources and Materials

At AAUW National Convention, we take your learning seriously. Through more than 25 workshops plus pre-con activities, Programs That Work roundtables, and Daily Dialogues, attendees get to customize their convention experience and grow as leaders.

But with so many great activities on the docket, even the busiest attendees are bound to miss some information. That’s why we’ve gathered the presentations, worksheets, and other materials from the workshops to help you learn from the sessions you missed — and pass on the resources you found most helpful to a friend.

And remember, we have hundreds of additional materials online that we update year-round to help you organize and recruit members; check out the Resource section of the AAUW website to learn more.

Special Events

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Conference of State Presidents

Session Materials

Conference of State Program Vice Presidents

Session Materials:

Session 1

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AAUW Campus 101: How to Bring AAUW to Your Local College or University

Presenter: Paige Robnett, AAUW College/University Relations Manager

Ready to recruit more students from local colleges and universities to join the AAUW fold? This interactive workshop is designed for members who are looking to empower the next generation of AAUW leaders. National staff will guide participants through AAUW’s campus initiatives and provide tips for you to take back to your community. You will leave with a renewed sense of energy as well as the skills you need to successfully engage local faculty, staff, and students.

Workshop Materials:

Branch Program Success Stories

Facilitators: Mardy Stevens and Pat Ross, Cochairs, Branch Program Resource Committee; and Cordy Galligan, AAUW Vice President of Marketing and CommunicationsInnovation and implementation are the hallmarks of successful branch program vice presidents. Share what’s worked for you and learn what’s worked for others in the past in this interactive group chat. Attendees at our last convention left with pages of program ideas that any size branch could implement. What will you take away this year?

Workshop Materials:

Financial Best Practices for AAUW State and Branch Leadership

Presenters: Tom Chappell, AAUW Vice President of Finance; Mike Gellman, Fiscal Strategy Consultant; Janet Bunger, AAUW Finance Vice Chair

Join AAUW’s chief financial officer for this interactive workshop on financial best practices for your AAUW state or branch leadership. You will also get an updated overview of finances at the AAUW national office. Bring your questions and come prepared to share your financial successes and discuss your concerns. All state and branch presidents, finance vice presidents, and state and branch board members are encouraged to attend.

Workshop Materials:

Global Progress and Equality for Women: Get Educated and Take Action!

Presenter: Gloria Blackwell, AAUW Vice President of Fellowships, Grants, and Global Programs

In 2017, global gender equality remains elusive, especially in economics, education, and leadership. What have we accomplished, and what challenges remain? AAUW has a long history of tackling global women’s issues, from awarding fellowships for international scholarly work to collaborating with the United Nations. This workshop focuses on global progress, new opportunities, and tools to tackle our unfinished agenda. You’ll leave ready to mobilize and renew AAUW’s commitment to women’s empowerment around the world.

Workshop Materials:

Help Schools Enforce Title IX in Your Community

Presenters: Ebonee C. Avery-Washington, AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund Manager, and Kathy Brenniman, Legal Advocacy Fund Committee Chair

More than 40 years after Title IX became law, many high school athletic programs still do not comply with Title IX’s requirements. AAUW branches can help improve equity for women athletes through Know the Score: Investigate Title IX Compliance in High School Athletics, a program you can use to help schools in your community comply with the law. You’ll learn the basics, get tips for using Know the Score, and leave ready to work with educators to ensure fairness in your school district.

For questions and inquiries, please contact: LAF@aauw.org.

The Impact of Your Dollar

Presenters: Amber Carroll and Kristin White, AAUW Major Gifts Managers; Diane Patton and Valerie A. Jermusyk, AAUW National Fundraising Chairs

What is the importance of unrestricted giving? Why should donors give to the AAUW Fund? This interactive workshop, led by members of the AAUW national development team and by two fundraising chairs, will explain unrestricted gifts and equip you with the tools you need to make the case for giving to the AAUW Fund and supporting the organization’s future.

Workshop Materials:

Learn about the Latest AAUW Research: Women and Student Debt

Presenter: Kevin Miller, AAUW Senior Researcher

AAUW’s latest research report, Deeper in Debt: Women and Student Loans, takes a close look at the connection between gender and student loans. Women not only take on more student debt than do men but also pay back their loans more slowly because of the gender pay gap. Student debt is an even bigger risk for some women: Low-income students, students with dependent children, and students who drop out of college are all at higher risk of defaulting on student loans. At this workshop, find out more of the facts on women and student loans as well as how to get involved in helping women continue to pursue higher education — without cumbersome debt.

Learn more about the Deeper in Debt research report on AAUW.org. The powerpoint will be available mid-July.

What Stories Are under Your Bed? How to Preserve Your Local AAUW Historical Collections

Presenters: Jackie Littleton, Caroline Pickens, and Dian Belanger, AAUW Archives Corps members; and Suzanne Gould, AAUW Archivist and Historian

Your AAUW state or branch history is a valuable resource filled with documents on the achievements and contributions AAUW women have made throughout history. Learn how to preserve your history with this session of practical advice and activities. You’ll discover how to find, organize, and maintain materials, as well as how to identify and approach institutions interested in keeping your archives in their collection. Participants are invited to bring an item or story from their branch or state archives to share.

Workshop Materials:

Session 2

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The AAUW Recruitment Cook-Off: What Are the Ingredients to Success?

Presenter: Christy Jones, AAUW Vice President of Membership and Direct Marketing

Are your recruitment efforts hitting the spot, or are they a little half-baked? Come learn the recipe for successful recruitment! This session will teach you how to whip up a recruitment plan to attract new members, get your existing members recruiting alongside you, and help your branch grow.

Workshop Materials

Capturing Attention through Storytelling

Presenter: Amy Becker, AAUW Political Media Manager

Personal stories are a powerful way to put a face to the injustices women and girls face every day. By using storytelling in your advocacy, you can ensure that your message stays with your audience and further propels them into action. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use this technique effectively as well as receive tips on story collection efforts. Narratives can help you inspire activism in your community, build support for any cause you’re working on, and even recruit new members!

For questions and inquiries, please contact: Amy Becker, Political Media Manager beckera@aauw.org

Community Engagement: Meet Your Neighbors

Presenters: Claudia Richards, AAUW Branch Relations Senior Manager, and Elizabeth Holden, AAUW Grassroots Advocacy Manager

Ready to meet the neighbors? Collaborating with diverse organizations in your community can help you increase your AAUW impact and recruit new members. This session will teach you how to find, connect to, and work with other local organizations to hold programs and take actions that elevate the voices of diverse communities on issues important to AAUW.

Workshop Materials

Creating Engaging, Inspiring Programs with AAUW Fellows and Grantees

Presenter: Gloria Blackwell, AAUW Vice President of Fellowships, Grants, and Global Programs

Spotlighting AAUW fellowship and grant recipients is a surefire way to engage with your community and local campuses, raise branch funds, and gain visibility for AAUW. Recipients serve as eloquent ambassadors for the value of giving to AAUW and our tremendous effect on women and society. This interactive workshop will provide useful strategies to enrich your local programming by giving a platform to recipients. You’ll take home ideas to improve your upcoming events, fundraising plans, campus interaction, and alumnae engagement.

Workshop Materials

Digital Communications and Social Media

Presenter: Renee Davidson, AAUW Digital Communications Manager

Is your branch on Facebook or Twitter? Is your website up to date? Why do these channels matter, and how can they work together? This workshop will teach you how to manage and coordinate your branch’s online presence in order to increase recruitment, retain members, raise money, and make your advocacy more effective. Attendees will leave with best practices and proven tactics to increase visibility and engage audiences.

Workshop Materials


Go from Brand “Blah” to Brand Bling!

Presenter: Cordy Galligan, AAUW Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Do you know how successfully you are presenting AAUW’s brand recognition and perception in your community? Would you like the answer if you heard it? Come learn how to polish up your branding work and make AAUW stand out in a competitive market.

Workshop Materials

Grow through Mission-Based Programs? Yes We Can!

Presenters: Mardy Stevens and Pat Ross, AAUW Branch Program Resource Committee Cochairs

AAUW issues like safe campuses, fair pay, and the lack of women in leadership can provide compelling content that’s bound to engage your community. This workshop will show you how easy it is to grow your branch while working to change the climate for women and girls. Plus, you’ll learn about the new program matrix designed to let you customize a year of programs in no time flat! Make sure this workshop is on your convention to-do list.

Workshop Materials 

Making the Asks

Presenters: Amber Carroll and Kristin White, AAUW Major Gifts Managers; Diane Patton and Valerie A. Jermusyk, AAUW National Fundraising Committee Chairs

Join the AAUW national development team and national fundraising chairs for a workshop about expanding your donor network and perfecting your fundraising ask. You’ll walk away from this session a proactive fundraiser with the tools and confidence you need to get support for the AAUW programs you love!

Workshop Materials 

Navigating Difficult Workplace Conversations

Presenter: Jesse B Rauch, Senior Program Manager, AAUW Start Smart and AAUW Work Smart

The AAUW Work Smart team has developed a new workshop to help you navigate difficult conversations in the workplace. These conversations are inevitable, but they shouldn’t be avoided or feared. Through the lens of women’s leadership, this workshop will show you how to provide and receive feedback and how to better handle conflict with your supervisor or colleagues. We’ll also cover ways to own and embrace difficult conversations in order to minimize stress, maximize productivity, and improve relationships.

Workshop Materials

Session 3

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AAUW Salary Negotiation Program Meetup

Presenter: Sarah Spencer, Program Associate, AAUW Start Smart and AAUW Work Smart

Attend a meet-and-greet strategy session for AAUW’s salary negotiation program. If you’re involved with AAUW Start Smart or AAUW Work Smart or just want to hear from people who are already using AAUW’s growing salary negotiation workshops, this is the place to learn what’s happening right now … and what’s around the corner for these successful programs.

Workshop Materials

Exposing Your Hidden Superpowers: Engagement and Retention

Presenters: Christy Jones, AAUW Vice President of Membership and Direct Marketing, and Claudia Richards, AAUW Branch Relations Senior Manager

Is renewal season your branch’s kryptonite? Join AAUW staff and the AAUW Membership Committee to learn engagement and retention strategies that will help you save the day and be your branch’s superhero. Unlock tactics and resources to help you slay the terrible turnover monster that lurks in your community.

Workshop Materials

Media Training 101: How to Cut through the Static

Presenter: Amy Becker, AAUW Political Media Manager

Working with the media provides a rewarding and effective tool for promoting AAUW’s policy priorities and events. Your efforts can lead to recruitment of new members, access to key stakeholders and decision makers, and increased visibility in your community. In this session, attendees will learn tips and best practices for using the media to get your message heard.

For questions and inquiries, please contact: Amy Becker, Political Media Manager beckera@aauw.org

The Tools You Need to Build Your Branch’s Online Brand

Presenters: Kathryn Bibler, AAUW Senior Editor, and Kathryn Montiegel, AAUW Senior Web Designer

Your web presence is the most powerful tool to communicate your branch’s work to the world. But that web presence requires regular honing. Are you maintaining consistent branding and language across your website, social media, and e-newsletter? Using an e-newsletter as a model, we’ll walk through the basics of keeping your brand consistent, your language pitched to your audience, and all your web outlets in harmony.

Workshop Materials

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Digital District


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