Women in STEM: Learn How to Solve the Equation This June

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The underrepresentation of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields is an issue that has gained traction recently, inspiring initiatives even at the White House and the United Nations. But there’s still much to understand when it comes to recruiting and retaining women in these fields.

At our Women and Girls in STEM plenary session on June 19, we’ll take a comprehensive look at this issue by reviewing the latest AAUW research, seeing how AAUW’s programs are making an impact, and hearing from industry leaders about what companies can do.

Here’s what you have to look forward to in this session.


The Latest Research

First, AAUW Vice President of Research Catherine Hill will present an overview of our research report Solving the Equation: The Variables of Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing. She will discuss why there are still so few women in STEM, especially the critical fields of engineering and computing — and explain what we can do to make these fields open to and desirable for all employees.


How AAUW’s Programs Are Helping

Next, we’ll hear a quick update on how AAUW’s current STEM programs are putting research recommendations into practice. These programs take place on a national scale but draw on the hard work and community knowledge of local AAUW members. In that spirit, we will also have a special recognition of the founding role that AAUW of California and especially Marie Wolbach have played in this important work — specifically in the early development of Tech Trek.

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The State of the Industry

The last part of this session will focus on the day-to-day challenges for women working in STEM fields. Representatives from BAE Systems, the Verizon Foundation, and Lockheed Martin will participate in a panel discussion to talk about today’s workplace climate and the action their companies are taking to foster greater diversity.

This post was written by AAUW Educational Events Intern Imani Lewis.

By:    April 23, 2015