All Aboard to a New Orleans Eduvacation!

April 12

Wise people will always look for a return on their investments. That’s why this year’s 2013 AAUW National Convention is such a good deal. By combining investing in your growth as a leader with vacationing in one of America’s most captivating cities, you get the most bang for your buck. It’s an eduvacation!

Hone your leadership skills or learn more about AAUW’s programs in our skill-building workshops, such as Connecting Our Generations — Idealism, Passion, and Wisdom or Be a Game Changer: Carrying the Election 2012 Momentum Forward. Gain new insights and inspiration from women leaders such as former Sen. Olympia Snowe, fair pay advocate Lilly Ledbetter, and MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry. You’ll gain the tools and inspiration you need to recruit, engage, and energize new members while learning how to truly lead across generations.

That’s the education part!

But that’s certainly not all there is to see and do in the Big Easy! Take a pre- or post-convention tour to sites such as the renowned World War II Museum, historical plantations, or a walking tour of the French Quarter. You’ll soon be enraptured by the city’s charm, zest, and joie de vivre. Plus, our convenient location makes slipping away to the French Quarter for decadent cuisine and antique and trinket browsing an easy jaunt — all without missing a single workshop.

That’s the vacation part!

Dictionary definition of eduvacation: eduvacation (n) - an education trip -- that turns into the time of your life.

Together, it makes for an eduvacation and certainly an AAUW convention like no other. Join us June 9–12, and as the locals say, we’ll laissez les bons temps rouler!

Don’t wait a moment longer: Register now before the early-bird rate expires on Sunday, April 14!